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Hi, my blog is all about my everyday life and problems. One of the main points of this blog is for you to see my P.O.V. of the world and i hope to see yours. I love feedback that improves my blog. There's always room for improvement! Stay Amazing! Serenity

My 4th of July

My 4th ( and 3rd) of July were awesome! On the 3rd my family and I drove up to a little town where they set off fireworks my favorite one was the last one which was huge and hung in the air! The next day we shot off fireworks and sparklers in our back yard! It was tons of fun! What did you do for the 4th?

The Choice Of A Lifetime

In my blog I will be interviewing people with extraordinary stories they have. I will still be posting how I usually post but now keep a lookout for posts like this. First I will be interviewing my mom and how she moved to the other side of the earth for someone she had only known for a few months…

Me: Tell me about the night you first met.

Mom: It was cold night I was wearing all my snow gear I was working night shift when I saw a patrol car I went up to the car and saw a military police man I asked if everything was okay just to be polite but he wouldn’t stop talking he told me his name was Joe and he came from America all the way to Germany for the military. He asked several times for my phone number but I didn’t give it to him. It came to the point when I thought that if I gave him my phone number he would stop talking. I was going to give him my phone number when he turned on the sirens instead of the lights. In the end I gave him my phone number.

Me: Tell me about the next time you say each other? 

Mom: The next day he called my I didn’t get the call because where I lived didn’t have good reception but three days later I called him back and he said “What are you doing tonight?” That’s when I said “Going out with you” That night we met at a restaurant where a man went up to Joe and said “Is she your girl?” Joe responded “No” unsure if I was his girl yet. Then the man walked up to me and said “Girl your rocking!” I stared him cold in the eye and said “Better watch yourself!” After that night Joe and I saw each other everyday. 

Me: What happened after you got married since you lived in different countries? 

Mom: Joe got sent over first since he was in the military but about two weeks later I left with my mom, aunt and our daughter. We ran from airport to airport looking funny with all the suitcases and the baby. We barely made it on the plane. It was such a close call that when Joe checked online it said we didn’t make it. When we landed to a place I now call home no one was there to greet us since Joe was still on his way. The journey was amazing moving halfway across the world! 

Every story has two sides so know I’m going to interview my dad AKA Joe!

Me: Tell me about the first time you met.

Dad: It was a march night at about one am I was working as a military police man in Santa Barbara Village. I was trying to rest and maybe take a nap or call my family. That’s when I heard a Chi Cha Chi Cha. Like snow pants rubbing together that’s when I saw a beautiful women with her hair put up in her hat because she didn’t dry it. We talked for two hours about our interests and where we were from. It took those two hours for me to convince her to give me her phone number!

Me: Tell me about the next time you saw her?

Dad: She picked me up and we went out she was wearing dark jeans and a black shirt that she still has.

Me: What happened after you got married since you both lived in different countries?

Dad: We had to come to the US and start with nothing. But we started a family. 

Stay tuned for more amazing stories if you have an a story that happened to you please contact me and I’ll interview you!

Stay Amazing!


Living in Two Worlds

Germany+USA My life is like living in two worlds are Germany and the USA. Most of my family is there and they’re a lot of fun to be around! Germany is just such a fun place to be! The sights, the setting, everything about it just seems SO perfect! I love the spirit of Germany! Last summer I went there during the World Cup. People had little flags on their cars, decorating the homes with red, black and yellow. If you’ve ever been in another country you know the “AWE” feeling! Everything so new, so different! When I first got there I was air sick so I couldn’t really enjoy my first day there. After I got some rest I started to notice everything. For starters they mostly have sparkling water, and they don’t refrigerate milk! My grandparents have lots of adorable animals at their farm including new born bunnies, two cats, twelve chihuahuas ( not including the 6 newborn puppies!) 8 sheep, and they used to have a parrot! It’s like your own personal petting zoo!!! Plus they had an amazing garden and they’re own beehives with raspberry and strawberries! Talk about awesome! My cousin’s house has a beautiful view of the Ronnenberg Castle. All my family there is so nice!Ronnenberg

Right now I’m learning German, for two reasons: Most of my family speaks German including my cousins who learn it in school! 2 I heard learning other languages helps expand your mind.

I’m starting slow, writing down the word in English, how it sounds in German and how to write it correctly in German. If you’re trying to learn a language make a chart like that.

At a certain point in my life I will have to choose between my two worlds by law. It’s SO unfair but so is life!

Stay Amazing!


PS Forone of my next post I’ll be doing an interviewing someone so please contact me if you would like to be the one I interview first come first serve!

Summertime Sadness

Summertime SadnessThis summer I am both sad & bored. I can’t just watch TV everyday! And I can’t go outside because my yard is way too muddy, I’ve read all my books that I have out, and actually I’m reading a 313 page book again to keep me entertained. The sister that is closest sister is at a soccer day camp, my other sister even younger than my other sister is very ornery and stubborn and just wants to watch Scooby Doo all day!

It’s not like I have any bored games ( We have some but all of them are packed up) I could make up dance routines, but it would be too loud. Every time I invite friends over they have something going on. I would go on my laptop, but I only have a limited time I can be on my laptop. If anyone has any ideas about possible rainy day games please write me a comment below! Thanks Again!

Stay Amazing,


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Right now I might be moving I’m going through A LOT OF STRESS! I’ve never moved before and I don’t know how to handle it! When people move in the movies, they either make a lot of friends or get bullied and humiliated so it’s a hit or miss. I don’t have much say in the new house, and we’ve already half way sold ours. We haven’t found a house that we even like yet! And if we can’t find a house we’re going to have to live in an apartment! I can’t live in an apartment. My family can barely handle each other how it is how are we supposed to live in a 2 bedroom apartment!!!!Also I don’t know how I should break it to my friends. I want to break it easily, but i just don’t know how.

Plus with my Aunt and Uncle in Germany for a vacation which means  I won’t be able to see my 1/2 cousin until August! Everything is new to me! Sometimes I like changes… but not this time. It’s hard to look on the good side of things when there isn’t a good side.

Stay Amazing


Old Cartoons

CartoonsEveryone loves the old cartoons… especially me! From Scooby Doo to The Flinstones and Powerpuff Girls! These Cartoons live on even 25+ years before their time! For example: Scooby Doo was first aired in 1969 and bounced from different TV stations until 1991. Finally 20 years later in 2011 the new modern version of Scooby Doo came out. In short Scooby Doo is just one of the great examples of a cartoon that lived on through the years. Another wonderful example of a cartoon that lived on is The Flinstones. Now the Flinstones have been around since 1960. and in 1994 Flinstones the movie came out. Still, 21 years after the last Flinstones production people still are crazy about the Flinstones for instance the cereal Coco Pebbles is advertised by the Flinstones. In the world of cartoons there are many cartoon legends that the world will never forget, the memorable cartoons that everyone still knows about even 21 years after their last performance. So what do you think?

Stay Amazing!


Softball Cheer’s Anyone?

  • I love to play softball, after hitting home runs and getting the other team out, I enjoy making up cheers for our team. My team, Extreme, LOVES to cheer on girls when their up to bat. And we know all the cheers by heart and we’ve even tried making up new ones, but it’s hard. So I ask you to help me come up with some in the commits.

They can’t be or have…

  • Directly to the other team ( our coach doesn’t think it’s appropriate to speak directly to the other team)
  • Bad words ( Definitely NOT appropriate)

But they CAN have or be…

  • About being the best
  • Stealing bases
  • Home runs

Basically anything that relates to softball and makes our team sound better without putting the other team down. Thanks everyone!

Stay Amazing


World Cup

This summer the women’s world cup is going on. One of my favorite things about the world cup is how the whole world comes together! What is your favorite thing about the world cup? Another great thing about the world cup is I can really relate to it, for one I am very passionate about soccer,I play soccer every year! Another way I can relate to the world cup is I come from many different parts of the world, including Germany, America, Italy, and Ireland. How can you relate to the world cup? I am hoping for any of the countries I am from. Who do you want to win? Please answer the bold questions and help spread the love around the world!

Stay Amazing


Be Yourself

Marilyn-Monroe b urself
I just want to give a shout-out to all the girls who wish to be someone they aren’t  “Be yourself because everyone else is taken”  Don’t change yourself for someone your not, being original is worth more than being a copy. Everyone is different and if someone doesn’t accept you for who you are they’re not good enough for you.

” When it comes down to it. Let them think what they want. If they care enough to bother with what I do, then I’m already better than them” – Marilyn Monroe 

Stay Yourself,


California’s Drought


California has always been hot but never this hot! For the past few years Grace ( a NASA machine that cycles the Earth and checks where shortages of water are)   Spotted California getting dry. In 2002 California was fine, untouched. In 2008 Grace started to show California was starting to get short of water. Then finally last year in 2014 California was red showing that California was in a drought. The ground is sinking feet there and the water too, Mayor Brown has cut off 25% of the water supply in California! Effecting 25 million people! What is causing this drought two things. First is what usually causes droughts, not enough rain. The 2nd thing is pumping water. That’s right California has been pumping and drilling for water. Farmers across California have been pumping for water for their own needs. Like one farmer and his neighbor are drilling for water so they can  have a well. Scientists say that even if they had rain or snow every other day for 4 months ( October) California would still be in serious trouble. California’s drought has been declared an exceptional drought, meaning some communities will eventually run out of water, for communities in 10 counties water could run out in 60 days. Many lakes and rivers have dried up will California ever be wet again?

Stay Alert