Living in Two Worlds

Germany+USA My life is like living in two worlds are Germany and the USA. Most of my family is there and they’re a lot of fun to be around! Germany is just such a fun place to be! The sights, the setting, everything about it just seems SO perfect! I love the spirit of Germany! Last summer I went there during the World Cup. People had little flags on their cars, decorating the homes with red, black and yellow. If you’ve ever been in another country you know the “AWE” feeling! Everything so new, so different! When I first got there I was air sick so I couldn’t really enjoy my first day there. After I got some rest I started to notice everything. For starters they mostly have sparkling water, and they don’t refrigerate milk! My grandparents have lots of adorable animals at their farm including new born bunnies, two cats, twelve chihuahuas ( not including the 6 newborn puppies!) 8 sheep, and they used to have a parrot! It’s like your own personal petting zoo!!! Plus they had an amazing garden and they’re own beehives with raspberry and strawberries! Talk about awesome! My cousin’s house has a beautiful view of the Ronnenberg Castle. All my family there is so nice!Ronnenberg

Right now I’m learning German, for two reasons: Most of my family speaks German including my cousins who learn it in school! 2 I heard learning other languages helps expand your mind.

I’m starting slow, writing down the word in English, how it sounds in German and how to write it correctly in German. If you’re trying to learn a language make a chart like that.

At a certain point in my life I will have to choose between my two worlds by law. It’s SO unfair but so is life!

Stay Amazing!


PS Forone of my next post I’ll be doing an interviewing someone so please contact me if you would like to be the one I interview first come first serve!

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