Summertime Sadness

Summertime SadnessThis summer I am both sad & bored. I can’t just watch TV everyday! And I can’t go outside because my yard is way too muddy, I’ve read all my books that I have out, and actually I’m reading a 313 page book again to keep me entertained. The sister that is closest sister is at a soccer day camp, my other sister even younger than my other sister is very ornery and stubborn and just wants to watch Scooby Doo all day!

It’s not like I have any bored games ( We have some but all of them are packed up) I could make up dance routines, but it would be too loud. Every time I invite friends over they have something going on. I would go on my laptop, but I only have a limited time I can be on my laptop. If anyone has any ideas about possible rainy day games please write me a comment below! Thanks Again!

Stay Amazing,


PS I am still doing Follow-4-Follow. Which means follow me and I’ll follow you! Thanks!

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