Right now I might be moving I’m going through A LOT OF STRESS! I’ve never moved before and I don’t know how to handle it! When people move in the movies, they either make a lot of friends or get bullied and humiliated so it’s a hit or miss. I don’t have much say in the new house, and we’ve already half way sold ours. We haven’t found a house that we even like yet! And if we can’t find a house we’re going to have to live in an apartment! I can’t live in an apartment. My family can barely handle each other how it is how are we supposed to live in a 2 bedroom apartment!!!!Also I don’t know how I should break it to my friends. I want to break it easily, but i just don’t know how.

Plus with my Aunt and Uncle in Germany for a vacation which means  I won’t be able to see my 1/2 cousin until August! Everything is new to me! Sometimes I like changes… but not this time. It’s hard to look on the good side of things when there isn’t a good side.

Stay Amazing


1 thought on “Moving

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